Mukesh Choudhary - Cyber Crime Expert India

The most renowned Cyber Security Expert in India is Mukesh Choudhary. He is one of the dynamic information security expert, who is also the regular resource person at BPR&D, MHA, under Government of India. While the technology is being advanced day-by-day, there is an increasing demand cybersecurity expert for governing the data security. The cybersecurity company named Cyberops Infosec, founded by him provides VAPT & support to the victims of cybercrime by producing favorable evidence to the court by cyber law expert.


It is the most remarkable cybersecurity company & cyber crime consultancy headed by Mukesh Choudhary. He is the founder and CEO of this company. Being a cybercrime consultant of Cybercops, he provides protection and support against cyber-attack. In the era of technological advancements, the devices connected to the internet are in continuous threat of data breach. Cyberops assists the corporate and government sectors against any cyber-attack and unauthorized data access. These two issues often prove to be a threat to the academic and research sectors.

He is the prominent Cyber Crime Expert in India the field of cybersecurity and he heads Cyberops. He has a flare in Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Operations, and Cyber Security. Therefore, the supervision by him is effective in solving issues related to the financial institution, business related to import and export, educational institution, public and private sectors.

Cyberops also provides assistance in solving individual cases of cybersecurity and identity threat, which is a rising concern among youth. The young generation is always connected through the internet, which is a vital resource of the cyber threat. The young generation often falls in the prey of cyber threat and the cases of hacking is reported mostly among youth. Being the cybercrime expert in Bangalore, he has resolved many cases, which faced denial.

There are many cases, which lacked proper support from the authorities of small cities like Kochi. Mukesh Choudhary, the cyber crime expert in India, has taken those cases in his hands and proved himself as the best cybercrime expert in Kochi. He solved numerous small and big cyber threat faced by the young generation of Kochi and helped them to get back the self-worth after severe identity theft.

From the past five years,he is setting new records in proving himself the best cyber security expert of India. He has received many awards and recognition in India and other countries for is remarkable performance and contribution towards the protection of cyber threat. He has taken Cybercops to a sky limit, where no case seems impossible to solve. Cyberops is growing day-by-day with the growth of Mukesh Choudhary.

The prowess of Mukesh Choudhary

The expert of India has assisted the enforcement agencies in cyber operations for the last nine years. He has witnessed several problems throughout his life and has gained confidence after solving each mystery. He is associated with the Indian Government from the past nine years in solving cases and proving his worth each day.

Awarded as IT Expert, 2014

Mukesh Choudhary was keen to support police officers. With his interested in training, he developed various programs and software, which will help the police officers. The program helped a lot to solve criminal cases in Jaipur and the I.A.S officer Krishna Kunal awarded him with the tag of IT expert and expert of Jaipur. He was overwhelmed to receive such an honor from the Collector and District Magistrate on the auspicious ceremony held in Jaipur on Independence Day.

Awarded for solving Financial Scam, 2016

Mukesh Choudhary has experience in the field of cybercrime. He was the person who solved many cases of cybersecurity. However, in the year of 2016, he proved himself as the most excellent cyber crime expert of Delhi. A case was unsolved by the Delhi Police and the case was getting older in spite of various efforts put by the Delhi Police. The case was of multi-million dollar financial fraud and was unsolved from the past 6 years.

During the long tenure of 6 years, various crime investigation held, but still, the case seemed impossible. He undertook the investigation all by himself and in a matter of less than 24 hours, he was able to solve the case and supported his investigation with enough evidence that proved his judgment. He received the award for being an expert in solving this financial swindle.

Awarded for Cyber Crime Investigation, 2017

Mukesh Choudhary, the cybercrime expert in India is the renowned expert of Cyber Crime Investigation. He provided training and advisory to the officials of Cyber Crime Investigation Department. He has a track record of solving more than 700 cases of and there regarded as the best cyber crime expert of Rajasthan by Smt. Vasundhara Raje, the honorable Chief Minister of Rajasthan. On Independence Day celebration, the Indian glory received the award for his contribution towards Cyber Crime Investigation. He was appreciated and endorses by the government of Rajasthan for conduction training programs for the officials and providing his valuable advisory during the cases.

Endowments of Mukesh Choudhary

From the past nine years, he is actively engaged in cybercrime. He is the well-known cybercrime consultant and he is always vouched for his contribution towards cybersecurity worldwide. He has been assisting the Law Enforcement and Intelligent Agencies with his expertise in a data breach and cyber security from the five years.

Mukesh Choudhary, the Cyber Security Expert in India believes that whatever he has gained so far in his life, he has utilized his knowledge in solving cases related to crime and cybersecurity. He continues to gain knowledge and grow each day in his life. He believes in persistence and grounding. He says that without proper guidance, a person cannot excel in the desired field. His advisories and training programs are appreciated all over the world and he has gained recognition worldwide for his expertise and endowments.

Pedagogy and Andragogy

The art of priming is possessed by Mukesh Choudhary as he is bestowed by the skill of tutelage. He used his training and coaching skills to train various officials of every rank. He has trained more than 5000 officials, which includes well-renowned officials like - Law Enforcement officers, Armed Forces, and Security Forces officials up to Director General Rank. He is the visiting faculty in Internal Security Academy popularly known as CRPF, Rajasthan Police Academy and Intelligence Academy of Jaipur.

During his tenure in assistance in Delhi Police, he gained recognition as the cyber security expert in India, and became the permanent regular person for Cyber Crime Investigation training all over India. He is an IT professional with the expertise of Information Security is the well-suited faculty for conducting advisory during the investigation of cybercrime.

He owns Cyberops, which is a cybercrime consultancy and he has witnessed many cases of cyber fraudulent. Therefore, he got support from the Bureau of Police Research and Development for conducting sessions with police officers and sharing his knowledge. The government of India has recognized him as the regular trainer for crime investigation and cyber security as he proved himself in front of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In the last five years, Mukesh Choudhary, cyber crime expert in India, has trained the defense personals in the areas of cybercrime. It helped the defense to solve complicated cases of cyber crime and cyber security. He trains the concerned authorities before each case, as the cyber crime cases are different from each other. They require the assistance of him in the emerging cases of Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Security across the country. The cybercrime gets trickier and stronger each time a new case crop up and he proved his worth in solving each case, which has crossed boundaries.

Cyber Security

Mukesh Choudhary, the Cyber Crime Expert in India, is an IT expert with his area of interest as cybercrime investigation. He has five years of experience in solving cybersecurity cases while assisting the state and central government and authorities of India. He has come up with a solution to the most complicated cases related to Espionage, Cyber Pornography, Forge Calling via VoIP, and other cases of Identity theft.

While the term ‘cyber security’ is common these days, evidence proved that the cases are much more complicated. The users of the internet are in continuous threat of identity theft, fraudulent, data breach and misuse of sensitive data by the hackers. The hackers these days are from young generation and victims are of the young generation, making the scenario challenging to solve. He has also solved cases related to the fraud of Debit and Credit cards, advanced fee fraud, website and application scams.

With the increased usage of e-governance, the cybercrime related to mobile banking, electronic transaction and smartphones are rising each day. Every device connected to the internet is in a continuous threat to cybercrime and data breach. He is an expert in analyzing the computer system and software related to crime. He can successfully recover lost and destroyed data and gather proper evidence in favor of the victim.

Mukesh Choudhary is the cybercrime expert in India, who has the qualities of focus, dedication, computer, and networking knowledge, long with good researching and analyzing skills. These qualities are required to solve the merging new cases of cyber fraudulent. Each cyber case requires a lot of time and experience to understand and deal with it, the contribution of him in solving the complicated cybersecurity cases is commendable.


The cases of cybersecurity are usually very complicated and troublesome. To solve the cases, there is a requirement of coordination between various departments, which complicates the process of investigation and makes it lengthier. Mukesh Choudhary believes in collaboration. He trusts others and believes that coordination and communication between various departments can easily solve a complicated case.

According to him, the Cybercrime expert in India can assist the Law Enforcement agencies in solving cases of cybercrime. The two entities can collaborate and work together to solve the complicated cases. The cybercrime experts are capable of understanding the cyber frauds and hence and train the law enforcement officials about each case. They are also capable of providing advisories related to information security and data breach to the concerned authority.

He believes that cyber crime fighters are the call of the nation and they can successfully work for the financial institutes, chartered accountants firms and police training academies. They should provide their knowledge to the government IT department, audit firms, and banks. The departments such as police, banks, military and financial institution also require the knowledge and support of cybersecurity officials.

Financial Scams

The IT Software Engineer Mukesh Choudhary, cybercrime expert in India, was actively involved in solving cybercrime and investigating cybersecurity issues. While in 2016, a new side of him came up. He proved himself as the most excellent cyber crime expert of Delhi. In spite of being a cybercrime expert, he was successful in solving a financial fraud. A case was unsolved by the Delhi Police from the past 6 years and the case was getting older, the case was of multi-million dollar financial swindle and was unsolved from the past 6 years. He undertook the investigation under Delhi Police and in less than 24 hours, he was able to solve the case and supported his investigation with proper evidence. He was awarded by Delhi Police as an IT expert.

Recognition and Worldwide Presence

Mukesh Choudhary, cybercrime expert in India, is a software engineer from Rajasthan Technical University. He has gained popularity and recognition worldwide because of his dedication towards protection against . The owner and founder of Cybercops, possesses a great interest in learning new things and sharing his knowledge. He is the proud founder and CEO of Cyberops Infosec. He is a crime investigation consultant and information security professional. He assisted law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies.

He has been focused on documentaries has been shared with special coverage of the contributions made by Mukesh Choudhary by News Nation, Zee News, and Doordarshan. He is the most renowned personality on whom several articles are published. The newspapers like Dainik Bhaskar and Rajasthan Patrika topped the list.

He has experience in solving more than 700 cyber crime cases, he has gained expertise in giving to various cybercrime cases. He also presents case studies for the clear understanding of the cybercrime happening in the recent era. His case studies and advisories are specially presented by prominent newspapers like – The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Business Standard, and DNA.

The internationally recognized magazines like India Today and Defence and Security Alert feels the privilege to publish about the dignitary Mukesh Choudhary. He has gained international recognition and successfully continued his cybercrime investigation to strengthen the intercontinental relationships. He is the pillar of the cybercrime department of India.

Training Campaigns by Mukesh Choudhary

Mukesh Choudhary owns Cyberops. It is a cyber crime consultancy and he is the cyber crime consultant of Cyberops. He has witnessed many cases of cyber fraudulent in is a lifetime. Therefore, he got support from the Bureau of Police Research and Development for conducting training sessions and present advisories in the cases of crime.

He did many sessions with police officers and shared his knowledge on cybercrime. The government of India has recognized him as the regular trainer for crime investigation and cybersecurity. He was also praised by the Ministry of Home Affairs for his contribution towards cyber world. Together with the Government of India, he aims to strengthen the digital security and make India safer.

Mukesh Choudhary has trained the defense personals in the areas of cyber crime over the last five years. His advisories helped the defence to solve complicated cases related to cybercrime and cyber security. He trained the concerned authorities of cybercrime, before each case. He believes the cybercrime cases are different from each other. They require special care and attention when it comes to solving them. The assistance of him in the emerging cases of Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Security across the country is commendable. The Cyber Crime Investigation department confirms that is getting trickier and stronger each day. He proved his worth in solving each case, which has crossed national boundaries.

Internationally, he has been giving training since he gained recognition. He organized a training session in Charles Sturt University, Australia. The training program was conducted for the IPS officers of all over Australia. The dignitary provided training on Information Technology & Operations. It was crucial for the IPS officers to understand the importance of IT in solving criminal cases and the training sessions held by him helped them.

On 29th April 2018, he was invited by Taj to hold a session. He conducted a training program for the honorable Chief Justice of Rajasthan, Former Judges of Rajasthan Court, authorities of Supreme Court of India, and other honorable high court judges. He discussed the various challenges faced in the court related to cybercrime investigation. This training was held in Gateway Resort in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

The SVP Police Academy of Hyderabad recently opted to him for presenting a speech to the officers of the rank Additional Director General. He discussed various cases of hand cyber operations in the emerging issues of social media in front of the high-end dignitaries and gained an appreciation for the same. Mukesh Choudhary, cybercrime expert in India, has already trained various officers of Director General of Rajasthan Police and this training seemed beneficial for the officers. The issues of cybercrime related to social media and randomization were discussed by him during his visit to Police Training School in Delhi in 2017.